Dream Sequence: Scene #8 (Le Samourai)

Dream Sequence: Scene #8 (Le Samourai)

The exhibition perceives the city as a resource of fictive narratives, private (hi) stories, dreams and desires, still in the process of re-creation and speculation. Through fragmentation, urban and architectural potential is presented as a continuously reconstructed concept that is negotiated though images, surfaces, ready-made objects and everyday practices that make manifest notions on place, identity and consumption.

The exhibit uses the 1967 French crime thriller by French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville, as the conceptual engine for the development of the constructed "scene" which includes objects that allow the intersection of painting,sculpture, photography and scenography. These transitory expressions of lived experience bear witness to a particular shift in perception that navigates between document and memory, reality and    
imagination, figuration and abstraction.


Title: Untitled (New Life for Me # 6)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas glued on wood, hardware (dog leash)
Dimensions: 72” x 168” 
Year: 2012

Actor 1: Where are you from?
Actor 2: I am from the northern region and I come from a green agricultural area.

Actor 1: How did you hear about working here?
Actor 2: I heard from a friend who is working here.

Actor 1: Did you arrive with any money?
Actor 2: Yes I arrived with money to pay for rent, food and transport before I could find work here.

Actor 1: Was it expensive to come here?
Actor 2: Yes very. I borrowed the money to come here.

Actor 1: Was it hard to get a visa?
Actor 2: No it was easy and all done via an Agent.

Actor 1: Agent?
Actor 2: I got my visa via an Agent from here that arranges the visa "Invitations". The Agent knows people at the Embassy and arranged the invitation for me. The journey here was long and tiring.

Actor 1: Were you afraid to come here and what were you afraid of?
Actor 2: I was a little nervous but I have friends and family already working here.
I would not have come here alone if I did not know anyone.

Actor 1: What do you like and not like about living here?
Actor 2: I like the pay here but I don’t like the climate. The average temperature back home now is 30 degrees and there is no winter.

Actor 1: Is hard or easy to find work here and what do you do here?
Actor 2: It was easy to find work by word-of-mouth via friends here. I work as a cleaner and babysitter.

Actor 1: Why did you choose our country and why did you come here?
Actor 2: Because it was very easy to enter here. I came here for work because pay is low at home. I must pay for my children's education.

Actor 1: How many children do you have?
Actor 2: I have two kids, one is aged 19 and the other is aged 14. My first child is at college and my second child is at high school, I must pay for both to have an education.

Actor 1: Do you miss family and home?
Actor 2: Yes very much.

Actor 1: Do you send any money home and how do you send it home?
Actor 2: I send money back for my family via a bank.

Actor 1: Will you stay long here?
Actor 2: As long as is financially necessary.

Actor 1: What has been the hardest thing to adjust to living here?
Actor 2: The cold climate and it's difficult to find the fresh vegetables and fresh fish that we get back home.

Actor 1: Have you had any good or bad experiences of living here?
Actor 2: The police are always asking me for my documents.

Actor 1: What advice would you give other women like you who want to work here?
Actor 2: Not to carry too much money on you as the police might take it.

Actor 1: Are there many women from your country living and working here?
Actor 2: A few thousand I think?

Actor 1: Do you know any women who have not liked working here?
Actor 2: No, but some return home.

Title: Untitled ( I've Been Waiting For A Long,Long Time)
Medium: Inkjet print on archival photographic paper
Dimensions: 40" x 60"
Year: 2010

Title: Untitled (Wall Props #18)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas, plastic bag
Dimensions: 12" x 16"
Year: 2012

              Title: Untitled (My Only Opponent)
              Medium: Acrylic on canvas, hardware,fabric,helmet
              Dimensions: 27" x 13" x 62"
              Year: 2012

                 Title: Untitled (New Life For Me #7)
                 Medium: Acrylic on canvas glued on wood, hardware, rubber gloves
                 Dimensions: 60" x 72"
                 Year: 2012

Title: Untitled (One of Those Days)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas, hardware, acrylic on cast foam, wood, duster
Dimension: 85" x 25" x 35"
Year: 2012