Production Posters

Title: Production Poster #39
Medium: Inkjet Print on Paper
Dimensions: 30" x 40"
Year: 2010

Title: Untitled (Remember Nothing)
Medium: Inkjet Print on Paper
Dimensions: 28" x 52"
Year: 2010


Dream Sequence: Scene #76

Me, Myself and I: Conversations with Oneself

Jon Cuyson

Input Journal Iteration 2
Spring 2010

Guest Editors: Elena Bajo and Warren Neidich

Contributing Artists:

Meena Alexander, Avi Alpert, Eric Angles, Marco Antonini,
Bosko Blagojevic, Boshko Boskovic, Daniel Bozhkov, Tyler Coburn,
Jon Cuyson, Keren Cytter, Judy Dater, Josechu Davila, Jeremiah Day,
Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Andrea Fraser, Vendela Fredricson,
Pablo Helguera, Claire Hooper, Alexis Knowlton, Chris Kraus,
Ajay Kurian, Sean Landers, Annika Larsson, Thomas Lawson,
David Maljkovic, Amir Mogharabi, Annee Olofsson, Alix Pearlstein,
Falke Pisano, Angelo Plessas, Adina Popescu, Ana Prvacki,
Sean Respet, Georgia Sagri, Jakob Schillinger, Amie Siegel,
Alexandre Singh, Andrew Smaldone, Erik Smith, Gabrielle Stellbaum,
Mathilde ter Heijne, Eve K. Tremblay, Heidi Voet, Martha Wilson

Production Poster #6

Dream Sequence: Scene #24 (No Country For Wolf Men)

Stand-In #11, #82 & #24 (Alien Painting Series)


Production Poster #81

Dream Sequence: Scene #11 (From Here to Eternity and Back to the Future)

Dream Sequence: Scene #35

Dream Sequence: Scene #47 (Dear Johns While You Were Sleeping)

Her fingers looked nice today she thought. At fourteen, she worked at a pawnshop where her fingers would try on all the fake jewelry and ignore the real silver and gold rings. Some even had diamonds on them. They were interesting to them back then. This was before she left her country.
"Do you accept checks?" the man with the brown bag behind the counter asked her as she tried to ignore the sound from outside. "Yes we do." She replied. Distracted yet calm, she gave the tired looking Asian man a pen to use. Her fingers like this ordinary pen. "Thank you" he said to her. As she smiled peacefully at the man, she felt time slow down.
Quietly, she felt her fingers begin to disappear.

Dream Sequence: Scene #09

Dream Sequence: Scene #15