Bread and Roses 101

Bread and Roses 101 was a project performed on July 17,19, 20 & 23, 2009 at The University of Trash at the Sculpture Center in New York created by Michael Cataldi and Nils Norman. Elena Bajo and Jon Cuyson created and performed within The University of Trash a temporary and mobile site composed of one table and some found chairs. From 11 am to 6 pm of each of the four days of the Workshop, both artists talked, listened, imagined, negotiated and acted with the participants for one hour individually. Each one was asked to schedule ahead online and was asked to submit a description of what he or she wanted to do within the specific hour. Both artists assisted and participated in making the proposal of each participant/s a reality. All of the activities were documented and upon completion of the full hour, each of the participants received a limited edition silk printed Certificate of Completion created by the artists for the project.

Bread and Roses 101 was a series of one on one discussion that aimed to explore, imagine and implement new forms of protest by creating actions and strategies, while negotiating the production of space and consumption of time by incorporating leisure as a way of resistance. The project title was borrowed from a slogan that was used during a women’s textile workers strike that occurred in Massachusetts in 1912 “give us bread, but give us also roses”, and served as the starting point for this project. The following are the names of the participants and their self titled activities. 

 July 17   Mark Tribe - Conversation/ Derive   

July 19   Shinsuke Aso - Situationistic Chatting 

              Cathy Lebowitz - Derive on Propaganda                   

              Noam Londy - Did We Stop Time?                 

              Lisa Sigal - Delineation    

July 21   Gracie de Vito - Non-Productive Research    

              Quechua Couture - Being Present                   

              Murad Mumtaz - Getting Lost & Classical Guitar Playing  

July 23    Lindsay Benedict - Reorganizations of Questions

               Brainard Carey - Omniscient Observer  

               Jordi Sanjo - Floating Concrete Conversation   

               Liana Gimenez - Floating Concrete Conversation